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This is an interesting retirement calculator. I have included it because it may help you devise a way to build your own retirement plan.
This calculator calculates the withdrawal amount -- which increases each period and hopefully offsets the effects of inflation. However, if you have a variable rate, your withdrawal amount in any given period may actually decrease.


  1. You have $420,000 that you've invested in a mutual fund. You plan to take quarterly withdrawals. It's been regularly earning about 5% interest per year. The withdrawal is paid at the end of each quarter. You would like that to continue for 20 years (80 quarters).
    On the calculator you will enter:
    • 420000 for Beginning Balance
    • 5 for Interest Rate (compounded annually)
    • 20 for Years and select Quarterly for when the withdrawals are made.
    • Press the View Schedule button to get a full schedule.

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