Retirement Savings/Withdrawal Calculator


Retirement Savings/Withdrawal Calculator

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How many years until you retire? 
Number of Years in Retirement 
Average Annual Interest Rate You Can Earn.
(while retired).
Average Annual Inflation Rate  %
How much do you need to live on annually?
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In total, how much will you have or need at the time you retire?  $
Do you want to have any money left?
If much?
Adjust for inflation
  To view the schedule, all input fields must contain a value.
  • Subtract any other income (in today's $ - Social Security, annuity, pension etc..) that you'll receive from the amount on which you'll need to live.
  • The amount that you need to live on should include taxes.
  • Withdrawals are made at the beginning of the year.

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  1. Joe and Sue are going to retire in 5 years. They've been saving for years and will have accumulated $1.2 million dollars by the time they retire. They can earn appoximately 8% per year by investing in the stock and bond markets. Now they want to know how much they can withdraw each year in retirement.
    Using the calculator, enter:
    • 5 for years until retirement.
    • 35 for years in retirement.
    • 8 for Interest Rate (Compounded Annually)
    • 3 for Inflation Rate.  They'd like their withdrawal amount to increase each year by 3%.
    • Leave the next field alone. That's the one they'll be solving.
    • 1200000 (or 1,200,000) for the amount saved.
    • 0 for the amount left.
    • Press the How Much button. It will show 59,186.81 (in today's $)
    • Now press the View Schedule button. You'll see that they can spend $68,613.73 in 2024
      or $59,186.81 in today's $
      . You will also see that their withdrawal amount increases by 3% each year to adjust for inflation as per the input.
  1. Using the example above... Sue says their annual income is about $45,000.00 now. They both think that $59,186.81 is way too much. Maybe they can retire earlier? They'd like to see how much $ they'll need if they retire in 2 years. Here's what to do -
    • change the years until retirement to 2
    • leave the Number of Years in Retirement at 35
    • leave the Annual Interest Rate earned field at 8 (compounded Annually)
    • leave the Annual Inflation Rate field at 3
    • change the annual living expense to 45,000
    • leave the total amount they have field blank.
    • Press the Total button. It will show they need $834,943.68 when they retire. They'll have that, so all is well!!
    • Now press the View Schedule button.
      In 2 years they'll be able to spend $47,740.50 and that amount will increase each year by 3%. YEAH!!!

      So they decide to retire in 2 years.

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