Ten(10)Loan Calculators

Mortgage & Loan Calculators
Loan Calculators

  1. Monthly Payment Loan Calculator
    This is the main and most commonly used loan calculator.  Use it to calculate many types of loans (mortgage, auto...).  It will calculate the
    • principal amount
    • interest rate
    • number of Months
    • monthly payment
      Then you can print or save an amortization schedule.
  2. Loan Calculator with Extra Payments
    This is very similar to the Monthly Payment Loan Calculator above.  However, instead of just being able to input extra monthly payments, you can input extra quarterly, semi-annual, annual or one time only payments -- and print-out or save an amortization schedule.
  3. Balloon Payment Loan Calculator
    With this balloon payment calculator you can get the monthly and balloon payment or just the balloon payment itself.  It's also useful as a payoff calculator.
  4. Weekly Payment Loan Calculator
    ...self explanatory...
  5. Quarterly Payment Loan Calculator
    ...self explanatory...
  1. Semi-Annual Payment Loan Calculator
    ...self explanatory...
  2. Annual Payment Loan Calculator
    ...self explanatory...
  3. Fixed Principal Payment Loan Calculator
    This Loan Calculator deals with a fixed principal payment and varying interest payment.  Therefore, the payment is different (and decreases) each month.  Use it as an interest only loan calculator by entering 0 in the 'Payment' field.

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