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Mortgage & Loan Calculators
Mortgage & Loan Calculators

  1. This is the main, and most commonly used loan calculator.  It will calculate your payment amount, interest rate, length of loan, or the principal amount of the loan.  You can get an amortization schedule in different formats.
  1. This is very similar to my regular loan calculator.  However, instead of just being able to input extra monthly payments, you have the option to input extra quarterly, semiannual, annual or one time only payments -- and print out an amortization schedule.
  1. With this balloon payment calculator you can get the monthly and balloon payment or just the balloon payment itself.  It's also useful as a payoff calculator.
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  1. This Loan Calculator deals with a fixed principal payment and varying interest payment.  Therefore, the payment is different (and decreases) each month.  Use it as an interest only loan calculator by entering 0 in the 'Payment' field.
  1. This calculator can help you see the impact of an adjustable rate mortgage over the years.  It's more of a planning calculator.  Obviously, you don't know where rates are going to be in the future.  My suggestion is to input the worst case scenario for your ARM.
  1. See explanation for 3/1 ARM above...

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